Quality & Reliability

Information protection

One of the company’s prime focus is to provide our customers with an operational and business environment that addresses the strictest confidentiality requirements.

Our policy and Information Security Management System ensure that confidentiality and integrity are at the core of the company's objectives and operations. Specifically:

  • A written policy, included in our employee handbook
  • All personnel under confidentiality agreement upon employment
  • All assets deemed confidential to be clearly identified and marked
  • Secure website for secure information exchanges (
  • NDA

The information system has been designed to protect network and services containing customer’s confidential information against internal malicious acts and external attacks (cyber risk)

It is well understood by everyone at SCALINX that in our ultra-competitive markets, confidentiality is more than a requirement — it is part of the un-compromised basics of doing business.

Quality Management System

SCALINX is ISO 9001:2015 certified for “Design of integrated circuits”.
Our Quality Management System (QMS) maintains and continuously improves all company processes and their quality efficiency. It is supported throughout the whole organization. It defines systematic and formalized processes for every aspect of the company.

SCALINX ISO 9001:2015 Certification


SCALINX places the highest emphasis on delivering products that meet the highest level of reliability. Quality and reliability checks are incorporated at all stages, from product, conception & design to manufacturing & product life cycle management.

Together with its partners SCALINX is committed to continuous improvement of its high-reliability levels.