Signal Conversion IP


Our Signal Conversion IP blocks accelerate your ASIC design

Our Smart Conversion Platform reduces system development cost for Signal Conversion ASIC project with analog bandwidth ranging from 5 MHz to 600 MHz.
The Smart Conversion Platform uses IP functional blocks formed on SCCORETM Technology.

This enables solutions where bandwidth vs. resolution trade-off as well as signal filters are implemented in programmable digital circuitry.

The flexibility and programmability ingredients of the Smart Conversion Platform combined with appropriate IP functional blocks enable fast and flexile path to single hardware solution for various specifications.

These features make the Smart Conversion Platform an ideal starting-point for an advanced Signal Conversion ASIC device.

IP building blocks catalog

SCALINX IP blocks are portable to a wide range of BiCMOS and advanced CMOS processes. Furthermore, each of the IP blocks could be customized in accordance with customer's specific needs and requirements.

For further information and respective requests related to our Smart Conversion Platform and the IP building blocks, please contact our sales department.

80MS/s, 16-bit, BW=40MHzADX40M16B65LPST65nm LPSilicon Proven
1.25GS/s, 10-bit, BW=300MHz
ADX300M10B40GSTSMC40nm GSSilicon Proven
800MS/s, 12-bit, BW=200MHz
TSMC40nm GSSilicon Proven
500MS/s 12-bit, BW=125MHz
TSMC40nm GSSilicon Proven
250MS/s, 14-bit, BW=62.5MHz
TSMC40nm GSSilicon Proven
80MS/s, 16-bit, BW=20MHzADX20M16B40GS
TSMC40nm GSSilicon Proven
200MS/s, 16-bit, BW=50MHzADX50M16B40LPGF40nm LPSilicon Proven
AGX – Programmable Gain Amplifier    
Gain range = 14-40dB, BW=300MHzAGX300M40GSTSMC
40nm GSSilicon Proven
CLX - Clock Synthesizer    
10MHz – 125MHz In / 5GHz Out N-integer PLLCLX5000M40GSTSMC
40nm GSSilicon Proven
104MHz In / 8GHz Out N-integer PLLCLX8000M40LPGF40nm LPPre-Silicon
DAX - DAC    
2.5GS/s, 16-bit, BW=4KHz ΔΣ DAC
40nm GSSilicon Proven
200MS/s, 16-bit, BW=50MHz DACDAX16B40LPGF40nm LPPre-Silicon
IOX – Data Interface    
LVDS transmitter up to 1.25Gbps
40nm GSSilicon Proven
LVDS transmitter up to 1.25Gbps
IOX1250MTX40LPGF40nm LPPre-Silicon
LVDS receiver up to 1.25GbpsIOX1250MRX40LPGF40nm LPPre-Silicon
JESD204B transmitter up to 4.125GbpsIOXJB4125MT40LPGF40nm LPPre-Silicon
JESD204B receiver up to 4.125GbpsIOXJB4125MR40LPGF40nm LPPre-Silicon
PRX – Power & Reference    
40nm GSSilicon Proven
BandgapPRXBG40LPGF40nm LPPre-Silicon
PORPRXPOR40GSTSMC40nm GSSilicon Proven
LDO regulator 10mA loadPRXREG40GSTSMC40nm GSSilicon Proven
LDO regulator 10mA loadPRXREG40LPGF40nm LPPre-Silicon