Signal Conversion ASIC

What is a Signal Conversion ASIC ?

A Signal Conversion ASIC from SCALINX is a tailored-made solution bringing together Analog and Digital worlds.
The core of ASIC designed by SCALINX uses high-speed Data Converters formed on proprietary SCCORETM Technology.

SCALINX designs embed all adjacent functions to provide complete and optimized solution.

The digital nature of SCALINX Data Converters enables flexibility and scalability of customers ASIC.

Our proprietary Technology guaranties unique ASIC solutions from the concept to the final device.

ASICs designed by SCALINX reduce the risk and shorten the time to market.

ASIC business model: flexibility to fit your needs

Each ASIC project starts with a thorough discussion with our customers to clearly define the scope of the application, the technical needs, and the associated economic constraints.

At the end of this phase, the feasibility study is launched to:

  • Define a viable technical and economical solution for the customer
  • Propose a quotation detailing the engineering resources and material needs
  • Define a development time plan
  • Conduct a risk analysis and define the associated mitigation plan
  • Define the Business model that best fits customer needs

SCALINX offers three types of ASIC delivery:

  • GDSII – for customers who want to instantiate our solution into their ASIC/SoC
  • KGD – for integration in customers Multi-Chip Module (MCM)
  • Turnkey – For customers seeking an optimized integrated solution to replace the existing discrete approach