Quality Management System at SCALINX

SCALINX is ISO 9001:2015 certified for “Design of integrated circuits”.
Our Quality Management System (QMS) maintains and continuously improves all company processes and their quality efficiency. It is supported throughout the whole organization.
The QMS defines systematic and formalized processes for every aspect of the company. The design process is a gated process with formal milestones, reviews and management project approval at every gate.
It formalizes and documents project management, project structure, document management, change management, requirements management and risk management to comply with ISO 9001 requirements.
This design flow is embedded in the unique SCALINX design environment through checklists, automated report generation and specification tracking. Version control software is used throughout the flow for documents, specifications and Cadence database. Issue tracking software is employed for all company processes.

Our QMS has been certified by Bureau Veritas on October 2019, the 10th. Our ISO9001:2015 certificate is available here.


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