Core Activities

Design Service

Our experienced IC design team supports you throughout your IC or IP design projects, from the specifications to the mass production and automated wafer and final test.
After a first set of discussions to deeply understand your needs, we give you a detailed working plan of the R&D program with a  defined starting point and deliverables. The cost of the project is mutually decided up-front and the promised deliverables are executed.
The project is done in our secured design center that is equiped with the most advanced PDKs and CAD tools.

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Analog, Mixed-Signal and RF IP blocks

All our IPs are silicon proven. Our service model includes :
- Single-use, multi-use, one-time buy-off licensing models for our IP-cores
- Customization or porting of IP-cores to your target technology

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Mixed-Signal Products

We invest an important part of our revenues in internal R&D programs to develop standard Mixed-Signal ICs for both Industrial and Communication markets.

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