SCALINX new ASIC design center in Caen, France

July 2018 - To support its fast growth, SCALINX opened this month, in addition to its ASIC design center in Paris, the second one in Caen, France, offering design services for custom designed Integrated Circuits.

“We are very excited to be opening our second design center, which has a highly educated team with tremendous IC design expertise, here in Caen France” said Hussein Fakhoury, CEO of SCALINX. “Initially, this dynamic design team will consist of 5 engineers expecting rapid growth as we continue supplying application specific ICs to our customers, applying innovative art of signal conversion.”

The new design center in Caen gives SCALINX the ability to augment the design support for its customers.

SCALINX is among the fastest growing and highly trusted companies in the Semiconductor Industry, designing signal conversion ASICs formed on its proprietary SCCORETM technology for Test & Measurement, Defense, Aerospace and Communications markets.

About SCCORETM technology - Smart Conversion CORE technology uses proprietary wide-band Continuous-Time ΔƩ A/D Converter architecture facilitating solutions where bandwidth vs. resolution trade-offs are implemented in programmable digital circuity. This technology leads to significant performance improvement and BoM saving.

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