What animated your interest in IC design ?

I am curious by nature and practice electronics as a hobby. Working in IC design is the best way to cultivate that curiosity in all areas of electronics development and design: system, analog, digital and mixed signal.

What was the last functional block you worked on ?

I have been involved in the design of a high performance, mixed-signal clock synthesizer.

Why have you chosen to join SCALINX ?

I wanted to work for a medium-sized company where I was able to touch on different areas and not be only confined to one particular task/area like in larger sized companies.
Also, one of my motivation was to contribute to the development of a state-of-the-art product from design phase to the production.

What makes SCALINX stand out as an employer ?

SCALINX stands out as an employer for its highly skilled team of people in all areas of IC design.
It is a good company for acquiring experience and take on challenges with the goal of achieving state of the art performance.
New ideas are welcome and encouraged to follow!

What is your typical day at work ?

As part of my mission as top level responsible at SCALINX, I specify the chip and its constituent functional blocks to reach the stated performance.
There is no real typical day at work as it can vary depending on the needs of the day. It can either be working on the architecture of an analog/digital block, writing specification or designing an analog block.
This is what is interesting!

How do you spend your time outside working hours ?

I practice Mountain Biking and watch US TV Series in my free time.