What animated your interest in IC design?

I perceive the design of Integrated Circuits as an ever-challenging task for engineers. The
level of detail requires alongside each other the technical knowledge, rigor, inspiration and team work. The never-ending technical evolution will continuously make it appealing.

What was the last functional block you worked on?

I’m currently working on an innovative a high speed, high resolution Analog-Digital converter (ADC).
The never-ending evolution of CMOS processes empowers continuous improvement of IC performance and form factor size. The CMOS technology was numerous times in the past 30 years “written-off” as inappropriate technology for high performance ICs. Nowadays, experiencing the superb performance of the latest CMOS technologies, one can say, “only sky is the limit”.

Why have you chosen to join SCALINX?

Several of my colleagues described SCALINX as a company that treats its employees great, encourages them to utilise personal ambitions and creativity, and in return wins motivated and loyal employees. SCALINX also encourages its employees to become teachers and coach one another to help build a more creative, satisfied, and intimate community of employees.

What makes SCALINX stand out as an employer?

the key to SCALINX’s attraction as a workplace is constantly innovating, experimenting, and creative environment. What's beautiful about this approach is that a great environment is a self-reinforcing one, all of these efforts support one another, and together create an organization that is creative, team-work oriented, fun, hardworking, and highly productive.

What is your typical day at work?

My prime task as IC design engineer is to define and implement the required functions into
the chip I design. Number of times the exchange with colleagues, simple piece of paper and pen are the essential steps prior to putting my hands on a keyboard.

How do you spend your time outside working hours?

In my free time I like to stay current with the industry by reading trade journals and attending seminars put on by well-known experts in the field. Most of my weekends I spend biking with my friends, by the way the transportation vehicle to work is my bike.
My great passion is sailing, from the first day I discovered that sailing was extremely addictive, not only because of the direct contact with nature and the sea, but also by the number of factors affecting one’s performance.