What animated your interest in IC design ?

To design state of the art ICs, every day I need to step outside my comfort zone. I like that !

What was the last functional block you worked on ?

I am currently designing high-speed amplifiers for a Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma modulator.

Why have you chosen to join SCALINX ?

Working with a group of high performing, talented and motivated individuals every day reminds me of why I chose a role with Scalinx.
There is a great atmosphere. We all pull in the same direction to bring Scalinx on the top 5 of the world mixed signal IC companies.

What makes SCALINX stand out as an employer?

This company is absolutely people centric with its prime focus always on its human capital.
Scalinx values my work, my efforts, and my opinion.

What is your typical day at work?

No day is exactly like the one before and the one thing I truly appreciate is that each morning brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn.

How do you spend your time outside working hours?

As I live quite close to the office, I can maximise time with my family.